Odds & Ends Handyman of historic Salem, MA is a multi-disciplined home improvement company that focuses on the lighter side of home improvement. We do all the little stuff a contractor won't do. Is the honey-do list  eternally uncompleted? Whether you don't know how, don't want to or don't have time, give Odds & Ends Handyman a call and we'll do it for you. No job is too small and one call does it all!

Odds & Ends Handyman Service in Salem, MA

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Odds & Ends Handyman Service in Salem

Problems always creep up and, if you don't know how to solve them, it can be really intimidating. We understand that and we're here to help; whether it be a light bulb fixture on the fritz, a door handle that won't cooperate, or some drywall that needs TLC, you can depend on us. We ARE your local handyman service.

Odds & Ends Handyman is family-owned and operated. We understand what it means to get good, reliable service. We communicate all aspects of the job with you so you're never in the dark. We're a part of your local community and have a vested interest in the area. We're ARE your family handyman and home improvement company and we are here to help! We hope to hear from you soon!